“Terry Brennan is simply an excellent songwriter, who deftly merges country and folk into a west coast hybrid.”
–  Tom Harrison, The Province

“Terry Brennan has a great bluesy edge…within a strong country, folk tradition…his songwriter’s aim is dead true.”
– John P. Mclaughlin, The Province

“Brennan is a great songwriter…a very careful writer; demanding and precise…coming from the troubadour tradition of Texans such as Townes van Zandt, Guy Clark, and Joe Ely.”  
– Tom Harrison, The Province

“His voice is strong, confident …Brennan sounds just a little like a cross between Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan…(Roads) is a very good album with some great tracks crying out for more people to listen.”
– Nicky Rossiter, Rambles.NET

“I number among my favourite singers such figures as Phil Ochs, Buffy St. Marie, Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton and a very few others, because I think they're good -- actually, beyond good. Brennan has pretty much joined that company on the basis of this album.  Brennan's voice is a classic country-western instrument. It has an unschooled quality that adds an element of undeniable truth to his songs.  I like this one (Storms & Dreams) a lot, simply because it's good -- his material is first-rate, his voice is perfect for the material and the support is superb. There are flashes of brilliance in this album that add another layer of excitement to a good, solid collection of music.”
– Robert M. Tilendis, Rambles.NET


Storms and Dreams
On the Other Side