Terry Brennan is an award-winning recording artist and rhythm and roots singer/songwriter...three super albums to choose from...great live performer with an original mix of folk, country, rockabilly and blues tunes that will keep you spellbound!

"Fools Night Out" Selected by UK Record Label for Blues Compilation CD! 

Well I got some super exciting news recently -- my original song "Fools Night Out" was selected by Ramshaw Records in the UK to be part of a blues compilation CD they're releasing on all worldwide digital platforms in early April!  I always thought it was a pretty good song, so it's nice to see it getting some recognition, and hopefully this will make a lot more people aware of my music. More info coming soon.

New Video -- Done Gone Blues 

Hi everyone -- check out my new video -- "Done Gone Blues" -- which is on my video page.  I am accompanied by guitar wizard Roger Plant.  I hope you enjoy it.

Nashville Song Licensing Deal! 

Well...some very exciting news to share today -- I've just been contacted by a Nashville company who is interested in signing my song "Jealous Winds" for a licensing deal whereby they will market it for placement in movies and TV, using my original recording.  They also want to hear my other material, so this is all very exciting!

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