To purchase these products please contact me through the contact form on this website.  If you would like to have a CD personalized please let me know -- I would be very happy to include a personal message.  CD's are $15.00 ea. or 3 for $40.00, plus shipping costs. Or you can purchase my entire collection (songs from all 3 CDs) + 8 bonus tracks on a USB stick for $40.00.  T-shirts are also available for $20.00 ea. (photo coming soon).

Storms & Dreams

Storms & Dreams is my first CD, produced by Brock Davis, contains two award-winning songs -- Big Money and Bracing for a Storm.


Roads is my second CD, produced by Simon Kendall. This is my kind of record...we did this live off the floor with some fabulous hand-picked old buddies who happen to be some of the best players in Canada!

On the Other Side

On the Other Side is my most recent CD, which is self-produced, using players that were touring with me at the time. They include Richard Baker, one of the original Doug & the Slugs, as well as some close musical friends. This is much more rootsy than my other CD's, and again, all songs are life off the floor.